Product Usage Metrics - Practical Lessons from the Trenches

  1. How do I motivate my developers when I cannot show them the financial value of the features they build?

  2. How do I prioritize which production defect to fix first?

  3. How do I choose the right solution for the customer when I have multiple solutions to solve the problem?

  4. How do I decide which feature to enhance first, using real data instead of personal intuition?

If any of these questions keep you awake at night, this session is for you.

In this interactive session, I will share practical lessons from great product development teams. You can hear from me about how simply creating an intentional product usage metric strategy can help in avoiding many conflicts.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Introduction
  2. Can Technology can help Agility?
  3. Case - 1: Quick Story - How product usage metrics solved prioritization problems
    • Problem Statement
    • Approach
      • Design & Development of Metrics Collection Framework
      • Adapting Test Framework to Metrics Collection Strategy
    • How this technical solution contributed to our agility?
  4. Case - 2: Quick Story - How product usage metrics helped motivate developers
    • Problem Statement
    • Approach
      • Metrics that Developers care about
      • Raspberry Pi based monitors for Big Visible Monitors
    • How this technical solution contributed to our agility?
  5. Case - 3: Quick Story - How product usage metrics helped in choosing the right solution
    • Problem Statement
    • Approach
      • Feature Toggles
      • Decision Making Strategy - Hypotheses
    • How this technical solution contributed to our agility?
  6. Summary
  7. Q&A

Learning Outcome

After the talk, as a participant,

  1. I will be able to understand feature usages which will help me prioritize bugs
  2. I will able to identify unused (or used very less) features and remove those to improve the application performance
  3. I will be able to experiment with different solutions.

Target Audience

Developers/Testers/Product Owners/Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees


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Public Feedback

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  • Jayaprakash Puttaswamy
    By Jayaprakash Puttaswamy  ~  1 month ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Kiran,

    You topics seems very interesting and valuable. But, I don't see a direct relation between the topic and "technical agility" as a theme. Am I missing something here?

    Please clarify to help potential participants to see value from "technical agility" point of view.


    • Kiran Kashyap
      By Kiran Kashyap  ~  1 month ago
      reply Reply

      Hi JP,

      Thanks for the call out. I agree the connection was not very clear.  I have updated the session outline to help people connect with Technical Agility theme.

      Additionally,  I also have updated the video to a recent conference talk.  Please let me know any additional feedback.