It has been deliberated and accepted that

Happy employees lead to happy customers.

Delivering innovative, high quality software at a steady pace requires motivated, involved and happy teams.

Happiness is strongly correlated with team well-being.

So, a team that’s happy, will also be more efficient, more cohesive, more ready for the tasks at hand and will deliver higher quality software.

But how do you interpret happiness? Happiness is said to be a subjective state-of-mind.

Can we as Agile leaders delve into this secret of happiness to deliver value to our customers?

Can we create an environment that induces happiness?

In this session we will discuss

1.What is happiness ?

  1. Can we measure happiness ?
  2. Can individual happiness roll up to team happiness or organizational happiness ? May be not, we will deep dive on this
  3. Can happiness create can create connections and unique moments that can improve collaboration ? ( e,g ring the bell experiment)
  4. Can a happy team be more innovative and agile?
  5. Tools to analyse happiness ( Search Inside Yourself , Crisp Happiness Index) or tailor made
  6. Some enablers for happiness ( Pat on the back, thank you handshake)

Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Brief on what is happiness and how we can measure it ? ( 5 mins)
  2. Activity to measure happiness, how it is measured in our teams ( 5 mins)
  3. Why individual happiness cannot be equated to team or organizational happiness ( backed by research and personal stories) ( 10 mins)
  4. Research and story on how happiness can improve collaboration inter team and intra teams? ( 5 mins)
  5. Research and story on how happy teams can be more innovative? ( 5 mins)
  6. Some tools and enablers to used in our programs to analyse and enable happiness ( 5mins)
  7. Open space for discussion ( 5 mins )

Learning Outcome

  1. Ability to analyse and measure happiness in a team
  2. Recognize how happiness enhance creativity
  3. Reflect on how happiness can improve collaboration

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to be happy

Prerequisites for Attendees

None as such

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  • Shweta Jaiswal

    Shweta Jaiswal - Keep your Spouse Happy using Personal Agility

    45 Mins

    "Keep your Spouse Happy"

    Are you wondering if this is at all possible??? Yes this is!!! Personal Agility helps us to manage our relationship better, it helps us to collaborate with our spouse effectively thus making our life happy, peaceful and celebrating.

    My talk will involve participants with lots of tips and tricks along with activities. It is a light-weight session dealing with the most important aspect of our life. This is a practical aspect of Being Agile rather than Doing Agile.

    Let's explore many more interesting side of Agile.