Let's play and learn! 

In this game you will do a real project, we will assemble several teams. Each of them will have a simple goal, build a tower made of spaghetti and on the top coronate it with a marshmallow. The team that achieves the higher tower wins.

A simple project like this can end up being complicated due to hidden assumptions. Let's experiment and see what happens with our towers!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

5 minutes Introduction

5 minutes team creation

20 minutes run the game

10 minutes recap results

5 minutes Q&A



Learning Outcome

Most projects have hidden assumptions that make them fail, they might make all the investment to be drop to the garbage. That's why is so important to have an iterative approach to be able to deliver rather than create a big tower that will fall when we test it on the real environment.

Not only this exercise is an eye opener, it also can be used with any retrospective to make it more animated and create team building with your team.

Target Audience


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