The number one reason startups fail is not because they fail to build their product, but because they spend too much time, money, and effort building the wrong product, which do not solve a problem or customers do not want to pay for.

During this session we will support to you to build an actual Lean Canvas for your Startup with your real product idea. Lean Canvas is a business model validation tool. It’s a companion tool that simplifies how you document business models, measure progress, and communicate learning with your internal and external stakeholders.

After this session you will have this validated business model and know the next steps to move on with your idea.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

4 minutes - Problem

4 minutes - Customer Segments

4 minutes - Solution

4 minutes - UVP

4 minutes - Revenue stream

4 minutes - Cost structure

4 minutes - Channels

4 minutes - Key metrics

4 minutes - Unfair advantage

4 minutes -  review one of the canvas created

5 minutes - Q&A


Learning Outcome

Create a lean canvas to be able to visualise your product strategy in a single page and be able to update and modify it easily after applying experiments

Target Audience

Product owners, CEOs, Entrepeneurs

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    45 Mins

    Kaizen is a Japanese word that means continuous improvements.

    However, people usually find that make one improvement is easy but having improvements continuously is not that easy and rarely could keep them continue.

    In this session, we present Kaizen patterns where teams can use to help themselves to achieve continuous improvements.