Quite often I see projects, teams, organizations having some difficulties with an adoption of agile in general and Scrum in particular. The team worked more or less successfully in the past, and then "bang" and we have Scrum from this Monday ;-) Because customer demanded it, or management believes that it would help or your manager just attended 2-day certification courses and is now beginning to implement Scrum. Or even someone from the team itself has initiated these changes.
You all seemed to make the textbook, but something is not working ...
Why? What are the reasons? Will Scrum work in any team?
Or, imagine, that you need to create Scrum team from scratch... How to do it - how to build this process?
In my presentation, I'll try to answer to these and other pressing issues on the formation and operation of Scrum teams by recruiting people to them. This is a collection of tips and ideas primarily to raise your awareness about the importance of team forming stage for its success and some practical hints from my experience how to do it.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • What makes a great team great
  • Cargo cult
  • Agile values and principles in relation to team forming
  • Anthropology of Scrum team
  • Motivation (intrinsic/extrinsic Pink stuff ;)
  • StarMap tool
  • The importance of diversity
    • intro
    • MBTI
    • DISC
    • Personality Poker
  • Modern very lean approaches to hiring from very flat teal organizations
  • Hints/Highlights
  • Conclusions and take-aways
  • Q&A

Learning Outcome

Any change starts with you. Hiring Agile team is not possible within the completely non-agile organization. You need to start learning/understanding it first and then you can start doing something like hiring a team.

Target Audience

managers (line, resource, hiring), project manager, business unit managers, team leaders, HR, recruiters, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, product managers

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