Every organization aspires to have innovative, high-performing teams. At SEEK Asia, South East Asia's largest job marketplace, we had embarked on a transformation journey to to enable such teams to form through the pursuit and cultivation of a culture promoting mastery, autonomy and purpose. At SEEK Asia, we've experimented with 20% time for learning, working circles to enable leadership at all levels adapted through aspects of Sociocracy 3.0, crafting a policy of internal recruitment (and not having managers assign resources) and rethinking the traditional role of the people manager as a performance partner to guide, coach and enable high performance from each and every individual.

This talk will cover our journey thus far, in one of the most unique transformation stories out of South East Asia.

About SEEK Asia: SEEK Asia was formed through the merger of Jobstreet.com and JobsDB to create South East Asia's largest jobs marketplace serving more than 500 million people in the region. SEEK Asia is part of SEEK Australia, the world's largest jobs marketplace by market capitalization. SEEK Asia's transformation is driven out of necessity in an increasingly competitive industry and to break a legacy of traditional, hierarchal management to enable us to compete at the global stage.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This talk will cover our change experiments in the following areas:

  • Recruiting team members in projects and not having managers assign people.
  • Using OKRs to guide and direct teams without management intervention.
  • Allowing for time to improve self-skill.
  • Creating internal leadership opportunities for individual contributions to be leaders, using circles from Sociocracy.
  • Designing an organisation based on Conway's Law.

Learning Outcome

  • This talk will cover what we've learnt on:
  • * Using OKRs to instill purpose and guide development teams.
  • * Creating an internal marketplace for employees to self-direct their growth within the organization.
  • * Promoting and budgeting time for personal growth.
  • * Creating internal mechanisms to promote leadership opportunities through joining and leading circles (based on Sociocracy 3.0) and communities of practice.
  • * Using Conway's law to align teams and enable them to have a clearer line of sight to the customer.

Target Audience

Transformation agents, Agile Coaches, Managers

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