Personal experience sharing of international bank's transition to Agile at scale, why a beautifully written playbook doesn't fit the reality on the ground and how to make that reality more Agile in terms of organizational Agility for cross-functional, colocated, collaborative team.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Agile squad design

Reality of an international bank

How we made reality closer to Agile

Learning Outcome

How to transform a non-Agile organization to an Agile one.

Target Audience

Senior management intending to make an organizational change

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  • Sergey Larionov

    Sergey Larionov - Agile life

    45 Mins

    Learn how to apply Agile to improve your life.

    Coming from IT to better build better products, Agile is spreading everywhere today with a goal of bringing to people what they really need, continuously learning from results and adapting accordingly.

    Highly passionate about improvement of the way people work and live, I bring Agile not only to Multi National Corporations, but also to teams, to communities and now to the life of individuals.

    Agile life session is a mix of presentation of Agile life methodology, sharing of best practices and personal examples, and facilitated group interactions where participants will apply new learning to improve their life.

    So why don't you join us and learn how to find what is truly important for you and how to make it happen effectively?