Wonder how you can be a dynamic Scrum Master and Agilist with rich coaching toolset? In Agile environment, professional coaching helps building team engagement, motivation, problem solving, skill development and most importantly sustainable change. Marc is certified professional coach and will share the coach toolset with the attendees. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop


In this workshop, you will learn about coaching techniques beyond a standard Agile framework.

This workshop will cover following topics:

  1. What is professional coaching and how does it relevant to Agile team?
  2. Some of the recommended coaching techniques 
  3. Exercise using Neuro Logical Levels and Tri-position Planning
  4. Reflection and further development

Learning Outcome

1. What is coaching and the differences between teaching, mentoring and coaching?

2. The benefit of professional coaching

3. Techniques and further resources to apply coaching in Agile teams 

Target Audience

Scrum Master, Agilist, Agile Coaches, Management

Prerequisites for Attendees

Experience with Agile Framework and interested to know how to coach the team, get them better and create sustainable changes 

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Public Feedback

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  • Teppei YAMAGUCHI
    By Teppei YAMAGUCHI  ~  1 month ago
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    We would like you to select 100 mins for the workshop, but you have selected 45 mins for the workshop. Does this mean you want to have a workshop in 45 mins?


    PLEASE NOTE: "Talk", "Panel" sessions should be in a 20 or 45-minutes time slot including time for questions. "Workshop" sessions should be in a 100 minutes (15-20 participants) time slot. Please provide duration of your session.
    • Marc Gong
      By Marc Gong  ~  1 month ago
      reply Reply

      Hi Yamaguchi-san, sorry for the late response. I have updated the duration to 100 minutes. 

      • Teppei YAMAGUCHI
        By Teppei YAMAGUCHI  ~  1 month ago
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        Thank you for your replying.

        But sorry, organizers decided the timetable of RSGT2021. 
        We are very happy to have your proposal submitted to RSGT2022. 

  • Quang Nguyen

    Quang Nguyen - Fresh, Fun and Effective Retrospectives

    45 Mins

    It cannot be debated that retrospectives play a very important role among agile teams. It helps us to expose problems and resolve them, makes us better and better.

    However, as a facilitator, you may find your team become bored after a while, retrospectives are short with repeated information, or the team rarely follows up with action items.

    This workshop will refresh ourselves about all ingredients needed for effective retrospective. And we will not just stopping there, but together, we will prepare and cook our fresh, fun, and effective retrospective formats.