From Victim to Survivor: Journey through the Cycle of Recovery in Guyana

The Guyana Women Miners Organisation was launched on the 25th January, 2012. The organization addresses both the economic and social issues in Guyana, not to mention other critical areas, such as; health, environmental, social and safety conditions that affect women in the mining industry and ensure that all women who provide services to the mining industry.

The GWMO’s Trafficking in Persons Unit was the first to conduct rescues in 2012, in a period that not even the government acknowledged that Trafficking in Persons existed in Guyana. The members of the TIP Unit bravely face rugged terrain and dangerous waters to be the beacon of hope for women and children, who are victims of trafficking in persons.

Despite the prevalence of Trafficking in Persons there are still limits efforts being taken to educate the general public on Trafficking in Persons and the vital role they can play. Through the passion of my membership and guidance of our Executives, we continue to utilize our limited resources to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate victims.

Our presentation will chronicle the organisation’s continuous journey, transforming victims into survivors. From the causes of their vulnerability, recruitment and trafficking ordeal, rescue, rehabilitation, the roles of law enforcement and the government and legislative efforts.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

- Organisation Overview
- Services provided to victims
- To understand how we execute our duties
- Outline our work in Trafficking in Persons from 2012 to present
- Risking our lives to save the lives of those most vulnerable
- Advocating for Justice for the victims
- Our role in creating the country's first safe home for victims of Trafficking
- Identification of all the areas where we've rescued victims from
- To understand why a victim centred approach is critical and provide cases of how it can negatively impact victim rehabilitation
-Outline challenges faced while combating TIP
-The responsibility or role of each individual to combat Trafficking in Persons

Learning Outcome

Our presentation will be geared at educating attendees on the following:

Target Audience

Students, Social Workers, Counselors, Therapists, Service Providers, Researchers, Individuals with Lived Experience, Community Members, Legal Professionals and Law Enforcement

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should have a willingness to share and learn on the topic. An interest in learning from the experiences of direct service providers. We advise that some details may cause distress.

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    I like these aspects of the submission, and they should be retained:

    • ...Very pertinent to the conference goals. Speaker requests travel/airfare support which will need to be provided by their country of origin or Embassy in the US.

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      Thank you for your comments, we are unable to view your recommendations for improvement. Can you kindly send us your comments for improvement to our email address; . 

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      The Guyana Women Miners Organisation hereby acknowledges receipt of your mail. We thank you for contacting us, and we will be responding to you promptly.

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