Life and work after the life

This session co-presented by the director and a research assistant at Free Our Girls will provide a format of what employment can look like after exiting the life. We will discuss some of the requirements for successful employment after exploitation, the barriers that many victims face, and how allies and employers can work together to create economic opportunity for survivors.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  1. Introduction of speakers and content
  2. Economic factors increase vulnerability
  3. The same factors related to exiting the life
  4. Barriers and re-victimization to finding employment
  5. Financial literacy
  6. Understanding a trauma informed worksite and why it's necessary
  7. The importance of staff and daily routine

Learning Outcome

  • The necessity of employment and livable wages
  • Barriers to employment after the life
  • The need for financial literacy
  • The importance of a trauma informed worksite

Target Audience

Any one who provides direct services to victims of trafficking, or wants a better understanding of victim reintegration.

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic understanding of trafficking and subsequent trauma.

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