Anti-human trafficking advocacy training as a tool for equipping young people for advocacy and social action.

Background: Young people are more vulnerable to human trafficking and are greater part of the victims. Hence they need to advocate against this human right abuse. To raise young as anti-human trafficking advocates, we started a pilot project: The Academy for Prevention of Human Trafficking and Other Matters, through which they were trained for advocacy and social action.


Aim: This paper expounds how anti-human trafficking advocacy training empowered young people to effectively engage in advocacy and social action.

Method: 120 young people were selected from 6 states in Nigeria to participate in the anti-human trafficking advocacy training. Participants were empowered with advocacy toolkits and other information materials. They were expected to engage in advocacy and social action within 6 months after their training, and send their reports for evaluation.

Outcome: From the evaluation, the results showed that 95 percent of the participants engaged in strategic anti-human trafficking advocacy and social action through the following approaches: media campaign, community sensitization, school awareness, radio talk, publication of articles etc. Few of the participants reported incidences of human trafficking and identified victims. Through the training, they developed a sense of responsibility to combating human trafficking.

Conclusion: Anti-human trafficking advocacy training has been effective in equipping young people for advocacy and social action.

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Outline/structure of the Session


Overview of human trafficking in Nigeria

Description of research work

The role young people played in combating human trafficking

Learning Outcome

At the end of the presentation, the audience/participants would:

a. Understand the situation of human trafficking in Nigeria

b. Understand the need for young people to be trained in combating human trafficking

c. Understand the civic responsibility in preventing human trafficking

Target Audience

Young people, anti-human trafficking advocates, educators, legal practitioners, media professionals, health care givers

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