According to Forbes, in 2015 Generation Z made up 25% of the U.S. population, making them larger  than the Baby Boomer generation or Millennials. Millennials and Generation Z are our most underutilized resource in the nonprofit sector. They have the power to enact change in 140 characters and are itching for a cause to dedicate themselves to. This talk explains the power and importance of youth engagement in our work to end trafficking and support survivors. 

The talk also addresses a new approach to economic empowerment in the context of rehabilitation work with sex trafficking survivors and Rakshana, a nonprofit with divisions in five countries that is filling the need for support for rescued sex trafficking victims through STEM and financial literacy education. 

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Outline/structure of the Session

Lecture format



  • Introducing Generation Z
  • The Importance of Youth
  • How to Engage Youth 
    • Addressing concerns for youth-survivor volunteering


  • Redefining Economic Empowerment
  • Tony Robbins in the Context of Sex Trafficking Survivor Rehabilitation 
  • A New Identity For Survivors


  • Founding
  • Rakshana's Mission
  • Our Work Abroad 
  • Incorporating Youth 


  • Where to Go From Here

Learning Outcome

  • Gain insight into the upcoming generation of volunteers and influencers 
  • Acquire skills to utilize Generation Z and the Millennials to further your cause
  • Learn a new approach to economic empowerment and rehabilitation programs 
  • Examine Rakshana's work to learn how survivors can be rehabilitated to fill higher paying positions in the job market
    • Prevent survivors from voluntarily returning to prostitution in order to financially support themselves

Target Audience

victim advocates, educators, nonprofits, funding agencies, volunteers, media, sex trafficking survivors

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