Microstructures of liberating structures are easy to learn and it enhances relational coordination and trust. These are the best approaches to group interaction and facilitation. Its collection of 33 microstructures and their purpose is to involve and unleash everyone, which is essential in complex environments.

Every microstructure has a different meaning and usage, We need to select these microstructures wisely which suit properly in our eco-cycle.

This talk will give participants to :

  • Select the proper microstructure in a specific scenario
  • An understanding of the division of microstructures in different parts
  • Case studies to use these microstructures.

Once we will facilitate these microstructures well with proper flow, it becomes smooth and effortless while sparking the important conversation as we go.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

An understanding of liberating structure with participants – 3 minutes
How do we use liberating structures as a facilitation tool – 5 minutes
Activity: what is the best way to select microstructures – 5 minutes
Activity: Select the best microstructures in a given specific scenario – 12 minutes
Activity: Select the microstructures from audience scenario – 10 minutes
Q & A – 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

What is liberating structure and microstructures

The way to split them in a specific category

How to use these microstructures in a specific scenario

Target Audience

Scrum master, Leadership, Agile coach

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