Running your Cukes on the grid to get faster feedback for your team. using Cucumber, Selenium-WebDriver, Watir-WebDriver, and Taza

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Outline/structure of the Session


background of what we did

Example setup and walkthru of how to do it.

Learning Outcome

Better understanding of how to use Cucumber, Selenium-Webdriver, Watir-Webdriver, and Taza to help easily run your cukes on selenium grid

Target Audience

Testers that use the Se Grid to run their tests and want to move to BDD, people doing BDD and want to run their cukes faster

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    Jim Evans - Introducing Windows Phone Driver

    Jim Evans
    Jim Evans
    Selenium Project
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    60 Mins

    In the last few years, use of the Selenium WebDriver API to automate web, hybrid, and native applications on mobile platforms has exploded. The creation and proliferation of such projects as Selendroid, ios-driver, and Appium have given WebDriver users the ability to leverage their exisiting knowledge to the Android and iOS platforms. Windows Phone has not had a similar automation story, until now. This presentation introduces a new, actively-maintained open-source implementation of the WebDriver API designed to be used on the Windows Phone platform.