Testers can now pull Devs and BAs to write more tests.

Are you a Business analyst and ever wanted to write a test in plain english to check if a particular scenario worked fine in the application? Are you a developer who hates documentation of functions but rather want to see them as tests that are covered in the automation suite? Testers, do you want your clients and BAs to write tests so that you could relax a bit?

Well, then we can combine Selenium with Cucumber . It would be much easier if we didnt have to write all the lenghty selenium methods but rather shot it down simple. Fluentlinium can be used for this purpose in Java. This along with the Page Object Model will give an organized look to your tests. Also give away the lengthy excel sheets with cucumber examples and xmls.

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Outline/structure of the Session

15 mins of introduction and project setup. Writing POM file to setup Cucumber-Fluentlenium-Selenium.

15mins of project structure setup-the PageObjectModel

15 mins writing sample cucumber tests. Runing the tests.

Learning Outcome

Learn to write BDD

Learn to make tests more simple

Write organized tests using Page Object Model

Target Audience

Automation testers, Business Analysts, Application Developers

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    Pranjali / Haritha Hari - Lets BDD Mobile App using Appium

    30 Mins

    The mobile automation is becoming trending topic these days. Appium is one of the tool used in order to make iOS and Android automation hassle free . This session will focus on basic understanding of  how to automate a mobile app in an agile way using tool appium alongwith its installation, writing and executing a basic script .

    We will see how to setup Mac OSX for ios automation using BDD tool cucumber. Appium is a open source cross platform test automation tool for the hybrid and native iOS,Android and FirefoxOS apps.In the  simple term appium is a server running in the background like Selenium Server

    Key benefits of appium are : 

    1. It is very easy to setup on different platforms.
    2. Can write test in the language of your choice (Ruby,Python,java,PHP Node).
    3. Can still use Selenium Webdriver JSON wire protocol.
    4. Do not need to re-compile Mobile app on different platform.