Mobile testing done right with Appium

Web and mobile UI testing has never been so simple. All the tools that you need to create a solid maintainable app are at your fingertips. Big and small companies are already using it heavily to provide their users the best possible experience. The new kid on the block is the Appium project, which recently turned into version 1.0. It opens the gates to serious mobile testing automation for which many developers and companies were waiting for.During this talk I will tell you why Appium - a completely free open source project - was created and what are its connotations with Selenium. Importance of mobile testing is not something you can neglect anymore. With a wide range of technologies (such as hybrid, web, native), which can be used to create a mobile user experience, comes a great challenge for automation tools developers.
If you're serious about your mobile software you have to do continuous integration for it.  I'll show how easy it is to set it up and run an example test with only few lines of code.
Furthermore, I'll show you some experimental applications of this technology that is being currently researched and that might shape the near future.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

I'd like to start with some real-world examples of software development failures that had a big impact on the image of couple well known brands. The purpose of that is to show how testing is important. Of course there are different aspects of testing. Mobile UI is becoming more and more important these days as present mobile apps developers create complicated UI flows and there's lots going on in the mobile land.

Open source has already matured in that area and provides answers for doing functional testing for mobile (hybrid, web, native). Appium is a completely free open source project that lets developers around the word build tests suites for their software. I'll show that it's super easy to set them up and run an example tests with only few lines of code.

At the end of the talk I'll show some experimental applications of this automation technology using robots and real devices. Also, as the World moves forward and those projects are constantly developed, I'll tell you what are the plans for the future.

Learning Outcome

You will learn:

- what appium is and why it was created

- what are the other solutions avaialble on the market

- what appium has in common with selenium

- how to create a sample test

- what features are avaialable in appium

- what are the plans for further appium development

- what are experimental applications of appium

- .. and more ;-)

Target Audience

developers, product managers, project managers, software architects, dev ops

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Public Feedback

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  • Bernard Kobos
    By Bernard Kobos  ~  5 years ago
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    Bumped up time to 45min ;-) I won't get into detail on advanced topics - just enough to show people what possiblieties they have with Appium.

  • Dave Haeffner
    By Dave Haeffner  ~  5 years ago
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    Agreed. I like the idea of having an Appium talk for people unfamiliar with mobile testing that are looking to learn more. Toning down the ambition and potentially aiming for 45 minutes could go a long way here.

  • Marcus Merrell
    By Marcus Merrell  ~  5 years ago
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    There is no way this topic can adequately be approached in 30 minutes. I would encourage either doing a separate workshop on this topic, or see if one has already been proposed. Alternatively, we could consider removing some of the "ambition" from this one to make it a bit more digestible