How to use Visual Testing tools to boost your automation coverage with Selenium and Appium?

This session will show how to enhance your Selenium and Appium tests using Visual Testing tools.

In today’s world UI is a critical part of every application. And today’s apps run on a huge variety of browsers, devices, operating systems, form factors and screen resolutions.  In order to make sure that your app looks right and functions well on every platform, Visual Testing is key, and in order to make sure that you complete your tests on time automation is a must. 

In this session we will explain in depth what Visual Testing is, and how you can use Selenium along with other open source and commercial tools to perform automated Visual Testing and achieve a fully automated Continuous Delivery/Deployment process.

The session will include live demos showing common examples of visual bugs and how to find them using Selenium and Appium. We will show you how to integrate Selenium with various Visual Testing tools, and provide best practices for building a scalable and maintainable visual test automation suite. 


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Outline/structure of the Session


Learning Outcome

At the end of the talk the audience will:

  • Understand what Visual Testing is and how it differs from traditional functional testing.
  • Learn how automated visual testing can help achieve a fully automated continuous deployment / delivery process
  • Be familiar with various open-source and commercial tools for performing automated visual testing and how these tools can be integrated with Selenium and Appium
  • See an example Selenium test that catches visual bugs
  • Understand the challenges involved with creating and maintaining automated visual tests and learn best practices to overcome those challenges.

Target Audience

Test automation engineers, developers, engineering and QA managers

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