This is an experiment which I’m running in my current project. We already using BDD heavily but we are seeing some gaps. What we are missing is the visualization part. This is the work done by the visual designer and UX-er between writing the specs and creating the tests. For bridging this gap we are combining storyboarding, the deliverable done by VD and UX, with an BDD tool. The storyboard is a translation of the specs into visualized test cases. The BDD tool is used to validate them against the real app.

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Outline/structure of the Session

The live coding demo is divided into two parts:

First part is showing how to build a small app using BDD. The app will be built in the 5 steps and for each step I will explain why I'm doing this. (live coding)
Step 1. write specs.
Step 2. write tests.
Step 3. make it red.
Step 4. write app.
Step 5. make it green.

The result is shown. But, did we catch all defects? How business-readable are the specs? Did we check the styles as well?

Second part is showing how to combine this with storyboarding. After this is done we going to ask the same questions. Did we catch the defects? How business-readable are the specs? Did we check the styles as well? And I hope that answers are Yes, Yes and Yes.

The steps in slides can be found here :

The tools and techniques used are BDD, Jasmine, PhantomCSS (will be rewrite to selenium) and Storyboarding.

Demo will take 25 min, leaves 5 min. for discussions and questions.

The same demo is given on XP2014.

Learning Outcome

The audience will get a demo which will show that BDD can be used for frontend and make this even more powerful when combining it with storyboarding. In case you are new to BDD you will get an intro to this method. If you already familiar with BDD this will show you how to improve it for frontend.

Target Audience


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