Lessons learned by running millions of Selenium tests for 1000+ companies

Scaling your Selenium setup will throw up unique challenges; from writing tests for local browsers, to running them in parallel on a cloud infrastructure. We have experienced the whole gamut: failing tests, timeouts, integration with CI tools, slow test execution, mobile emulators and much more.

In this talk, we explore the obstacles every developer will face, and ways to overcome them effectively. We will be touching on: creating persistent connections with keep alive, system optimization techniques, scaling on the cloud, mobile devices and choosing the right setup from the start.  

Our experience comes from getting over a 1000 customers to run their Selenium tests successfully, and observing Selenium users of all scales and at different levels.



Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1. Introduction to problems faced by developers: how to tackle timeouts and failed tests.

2. Discussion on the stages at which the problems are faced.

3. Talk about experience-based solutions

Learning Outcome

1. You will learn where you can expect to face issues when scaling a Selenium setup. Also, we describe how to handle them effectively.

2. We have extensive experience, which is where our knowledge comes from. You will be exposed to actual case studies of operations meant for enterprises. The case studies contain detailed problems and out-of-the-box solutions.

Target Audience

QA, Developers and Operations Engineers managing CIs.

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  • Anand Bagmar
    By Anand Bagmar  ~  5 years ago
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    sounds like a problem many will be looking to get ideas to solve.

    questions - are your case studies specific to any domain? what type of out-of-the-box solutions are you talking about? are these ideas / techniques / practices / processes / etc.?

    • Amit Upadhyay
      By Amit Upadhyay  ~  5 years ago
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      The case studies are not domain-specific, rather they can be applied across various verticals. The solutions are for the problems experienced when scaling Selenium setups for enterprises. We will be sharing our experiences, ideas, and practices with the view to overcoming these problems, and using Selenium effectively.