Designing selenium webdriver scripts in an effective manner to reduce script rework and Reporting Dashboard

location_city Bengaluru schedule Sep 5th 10:30 - Jan 1st 12:00 AM place Esquire

Automating a test scenario can be pretty easy once we get a hold of any tool. Designing hundreds of tests and making sure that the script rework involved for each release is at minimum, takes a good level of experience. Collection of such good practices & the architecture for designing all your test scripts will be demonstrated.

To enable you start with selenium webdriver for your own project. Template which will quickly facilitate you to initiate scripting with some of our additional user defined libraries. Example, read/write to excel sheet and many other. Hands on practice for scripting test scenarios as per the automation architecture to ensure less maintenance of scripts.

We will also demonstrate how to handle reporting for hundreds of tests on real time basis for each test suite and hence making our stakeholders aware of the test results on real-time. Our code for this reporting dashboard will be available for the testing community on github.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Architecture diagram :: Quick walk-through to all items of good practices
    • Low level/ High Level/ Utils
    • Page Objects
    • TestNG Annotations
    • Data-driven
    • Our own user defined library
    • Reporting parser & dashboard for real-time status
    • Global Configuration file
    • Multi-threading: Serial, Parallel, Distributed
    • and so on...
  • Hands on exercises covering the automation architecture features
  • Brainstorm on what new designs can reduce test scripts maintenance
    • Example: Self-Generating Test Artifacts for Selenium/Webdriver ~Marcus Merrell
  • Selenium Webdriver Template: To kick-start scripting for any project
  • Reporting Solution for 100's(N) of tests on real time basis for each test suites


Learning Outcome

  • Interactive demonstration of good practices for Selenium Webdriver
  • Hands on Exercise for designing automation architecture 
  • Selenium Webdriver Template: To kick-start scripting for any project (will be shared on Github for the community)
  • Sample Project for learning & understanding automation architecture (will be available on Github for the community)
  • Report Dashboard for real-time suite execution status (will be available on Github for the community)
  • Great learning for beginners or intermediate test engineers/automators. Remember learning is always mutual smile

Target Audience

Test Engineers, Selenium Intermediate, Anyone with knowledge of programming knowledge on Core-JAVA

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  • Anand Bagmar
    By Anand Bagmar  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    sounds like a very intense 3hour workshop.

    A few questions:

    1. You are asking the attendees to bring their laptops. Is there any specific setup they need to come ready with?

    2. The user-defined library - is it available for others to reuse?

    3. Will you be targetting the pit-falls or anti-patterns which should be avoided (maybe in specific contexts)?

    • Yagnesh Shah
      By Yagnesh Shah  ~  5 years ago
      reply Reply

      Dear friend,

      1. It would be great if you have eclipse(Keplar) pre-installed. If not, no worries as I would be providing a kit of all selenium & other dependent jars or ide during the workshop.

      2. Yes, User defined library will be public for reuse on github id after the workshop. Apart from that I would be providing sample test project & Report dashboard code as well.

      3. In the 'Process' section of the proposal, there are few topics mentioned which enables us design our test scripts in such a fashion that the code re-work would be minimum & tests doesn't break for each build. I would be basically targeting on how to design our test scripts. Also, I would share my experience on Automation projects & how the scripts were made more reliable for each build.

      • Naresh Jain
        By Naresh Jain  ~  5 years ago
        reply Reply

        Is it possible to trim it to 90 mins workshop? 180 mins would be really hard to accept.

        • Yagnesh Shah
          By Yagnesh Shah  ~  5 years ago
          reply Reply

          Sure, I will try to cut down some time from 'Hands on exercise'.

          To compensate the time and not to compromise on quality, I would be happy to invite everyone after the workshop during weekends to practice together & brainstorm on new ideas.

  • Liked Isaac Murchie

    Isaac Murchie - Selenium in the palm of your hand: Appium and automated mobile testing

    Isaac Murchie
    Isaac Murchie
    Software Developer
    Sauce Labs
    schedule 5 years ago
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    45 Mins

    The mobile world is growing, and it has never been easier to test applications—native, web, or hybrid—using Appium, a free, open-source implementation of the Selenium protocol for automating mobile devices. I will show how Appium, which is in active development and recently shipped version 1.0, allows developers and testers to harness all the power of the native testing frameworks provided by the mobile device manufacturers, but within the context familiar to Selenium users. 

    Further, Appium provides a very good opportunity for looking at the challenges for a technology designed to automate web browsers as it moves into a new realm. I will discuss how functionality was repurposed for this new context, as well as the ways in which the protocol was extended and made more flexible in light of the the expanded use case.

    As a case study in extended functionality, I will discuss the gesture API, which allows a standardized way to automate the sorts of advanced mutli-finger gestures used on modern mobile devices.