Get business analysts/experts to DIRECTLY author & automate tests - Selenium-based SIMPLE, SCRIPTLESS, COST-EFFECTIVE Test Automation platform - for diverse portfolio of enterprise applications

• Sharing our experience of rapidly transitioning automated testing of multiple technology-diverse enterprise applications to a Selenium-based solution framework (we call it SAFAL!!), thus enabling higher release velocity & lowered costs.
• By enabling business analysts / domain experts to intuitively specify test scenarios/cases in an easy-to-use interface, powered by a powerful Selenium-based test automation architecture - we have moved to a higher velocity delivery at lower $ costs across a large portfolio of software applications.
• Enabled a small group of technical/Selenium experts to support growing number of application testing in a scalable manner. Simplified test automation eliminate requirement of high-end skill set resources and enable all set of users (QA, Dev., BA, Product support, PS ) to take benefit of test automation and contribute in improving product quality by building automation script.
• No need to spend significant efforts to build test automation framework at individual product level as Automation solution provides an in-built generic framework.

Get a quick demo & understanding of SAFAL – that enables business analysts to rapidly generate automated tests.

The benefits it has reaped are huge – but so were the challenges we had to overcome to get a globally diverse organization transitioned to such an approach!!

Key Characteristics of SAFAL





Simplified Test Automation

(3 Steps Test Automation -> 1. Test Data 2.Object Identification 3. Test flow.)

Spreadsheet to define BOTH test scenarios and business processes.


Easy & Minimal efforts require for script maintenance for on going releases.


Script can be reused across environments(Dev, QA, UAT, Per-Production, Client )


Functional flow and Test data is abstracted.
Script can be easily port from one environment to other environment


No need for technical skills to create and/or read automated test scenarios or business processes (abstraction).

Users (BA, Functional Tester, and Developer) can create automated keyword scripts using MS excel or the Script Editor once familiar with the keyword repository.


Its in-house solution so any new request for enhancement can be implemented quicker.


Enrich keyword repository consist of 400+ keywords various technologies and exclusive 100 keywords for HTML5 controls/framework .


Built a comprehensive regression pack for multiple products(8-10) in AM Segment.


Multi-thread versions of SAFAL enable us to run multiple scripts concurrently, which play a vital role in reducing regression duration.


No tool expertise and proprietary scripting language skill set resource require. Member in product group could create automation script easily.

Key Features of SAFAL




Automation Scripting- Excel

Language support for keyword creation- JAVA

Integration with Defect Tracking tool (JIRA)

Customized Result

 Template based approch

Capture screen shot for Failure steps

Database Testing

Hybrid Framework

Report Output type(PDF/EXCEL/HTML)

Concurrent execution

Web service Testing

Script Editor

Interface for Auto-Email

Single solution

(UI, Web Service & Database)

Integration with BMT

(Jenkins and Hudson)


Report Comparison

(Excel, PDF, TEXT, CSV)

Technology Plug-ins


NexaWeb/Web Service)

Object Map

Cross Browser Certification

(IE, Chrome, Firefox)

Integration with Test Management Tool

(Test Link)


HTML 5.0 Support

Version control


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

- Introducting SAFAL (our home-grown Selenium-based automation platform) [slideware] - 10 Mins

- Quick DEMO of SAFAL - 5 Mins

- What benefits have we got from this? - 5 Mins

- What challenges we faced? - 10 Mins

- What have we learnt from it?! - 10 Mins

- Q&A - 5 Mins

Learning Outcome

- Understand the benefits derived from enabling business experts to independently author and generate automated tests

- How can Selenium be leveraged for the same?

- The hard benefits of taking this approach

- The org challenges we faced, and what we learnt from the experience

Target Audience

Testers, Automation Engineers, Test Managers

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Public Feedback

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  • Sagar Jain
    By Sagar Jain  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    This sounds like I wonder how your tool is different than number of other keyword driven/scriptless tools available as FOSS or from vendors. What's special about this? 

    I thought using BDD framework with Selenium is easy with BA's and Experts, but then how it is different than BDD? 


    • Kamlesh Khatwad
      By Kamlesh Khatwad  ~  5 years ago
      reply Reply

      We look for test automation beyond a Tool so always try to build a solution which works as eco system under SDLC umbrella.

      As our focus not to build a perfect solution (already there in Market) but build a solution which satisfies our test automation need and fit into SDLC umbrella.

      Our plan not to do publicity of SAFAL through this forum but we certainly would like to share our idea more towards how SAFAL was evolved means a different way to think test automation and how to efficiently utilize open source library, what was our need, learning and share challenges faced/facing to make an standard test automation tool across organization in last 6+ years, How this solution address most common parameters to be consider to begin with Test Automation.


  • Dave Haeffner
    By Dave Haeffner  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    I like the idea of a standard toolchain for testing across an organization, and it looks like you have a lot of great features in your tool. But I think the real value in this talk is less in how you solve the technical challenges and what the benefits of the tool are, but really, the organizational challenges you faced and how you achieved adoption of the tool. Based on my experiences integrating new automation at companies, this is not a simple thing to accomplish.

    Also, I'm not familiar with SAFAL. Is it open source or proprietary?

    • Kamlesh Khatwad
      By Kamlesh Khatwad  ~  5 years ago
      reply Reply

      Its general perception that test automation means having tool and you are done with test automation whereas reality is quite different as we all know having successful test automation require a lot of parameters to be consider and certainly one of them is a tool satisfy our test automation need may not be perfect tool.

      Some of parameters like Licensing fee and annual maintenance cost (AMC) for Testing Tool, Requirement of specific skill set of resource, Efforts & duration to build a stable and a robust framework, Efforts & duration to create a comprehensive regression suite, Efforts spend on Manual Testing for each cycle, Duration of Regression cycle, How to establish automation ROI.All these contribute to COST, HUMAN EFFORT, and TIME.

      Trust us , Our plan not to demonstrate features or functionalities of SAFAL but  we certainly would like to share our idea more towards how SAFAL was evolved means a different way to think test automation and how to efficiently utilize open source library, what was our need, learning and share challenges faced/facing to make an standard test automation tool across organization in last 6+ years, How this solution address most common parameters as mention above.


           SAFAL is in-house solution of SunGard and usages Selenium library for Web application automation

  • Carolyn Beckler
    By Carolyn Beckler  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    This is a great automated testing tool.  My team has been using it for over a year now and have built over 100 automated tests of varying kinds - including simple smoke tests and complex regression scenarios.  Everyone on the team can use it - Testers, Coders, Business Analysts ...

  • uday
    By uday  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    SAFAL is probably most user friendly frame work I have seen on Selenium platform. Great GUI is supported with capability, portability, reliability and wonderful reporting which includes different graphical representation.

  • Dnyaneshwar Daphal
    By Dnyaneshwar Daphal  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    SAFAL is great Automation tool. Easy to use. Easy to learn. I feel very proud, I was part of SAFAL development team.

    The progress made by this tool is tremendous. 

  • Anuja Parag Kolhe
    By Anuja Parag Kolhe  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    SAFAL is really a good framework and is very easy to go with even if you have minimum technical knowledge. It supports Web Applications very well and also started up for supporting windows based applications (that's the best part of it).

  • usiddharth
    By usiddharth  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    Being SAFAL Automation tool user I can say it is one of the BEST solution as test automation because of the following reasons:

    1] Language Agnostic approach – When we talk about the any automation tool then team should have certain technical expertise, at least one of the language like Java, Perl, Ruby, VBScript etc.  The people who use the tool should have technical expertise to use the tool.  But with SAFAL automation tool we overcome this challenge.  Non-technical team member can writes/developed the automated script, just required basis knowledge of object identification.  Currently SAFAL Automation tool is used by Manual testing team, Development team and BA during the SCRUM.  I can say it is one the big achievement.

    2] Single solution for multiple application [Re-usable] – SAFAL Automation tool now widely used by more than 8-10 product group in SunGard.  That means it is common solution for multiple web based product.

    3] Error handling – SAFAL Automation tool has provision to handle error expected/un-expected during the execution.  Error handling can be done at the script level, Example if any step gets failed user can instruct to tool that script needs to Stop OR Skip some next number of steps OR proceed with next driver iteration.

    4] Customize Result – SAFAL Automation tool generates result in various format like PDF, Excel, HTML.  This is self-explanatory and easy to understand.

    5] Mail Notification for script execution complete – SAFAL Automation tool has provision where user can defined mail distribution list and sends the result on completion of execution.

    6] Scheduler – I can say this one of the key feature of SAFAL Automation tool.  It has provision where user can schedule the script on desired system at desire time.  Script will kick-off on schedule time and send the result through mail on completion.

    7] Execute through Command line – User can invoke the SAFAL Automation tool’s script through command line by passing dynamic parameters.  We have created the BAT files for single script which we execute against multiple environments by passing the dynamic parameters (URL, user name, password etc).

    8] Multi-Threading feature – SAFAL Automation tool provide feature where user can executes the multiple test simultaneously.  This really saves the time.

    9] Smartly Implemented Selenium Solution to overcome the common challenges – Seleinum-WebDriver has given very good feature i.e. JavaScriptExecutor.  It really helps a lot to overcome common challenges.  Selenium lover must have face challenge where “click()” method SOMETIME does not click on link, again this intermediate issues but it impact on script execution.  To overcome this issue, we used Selenium-JavascriptExecutor Class which first focus on link and then click on it.  Likewise this used JavaScriptExecutor solution for other challenges as well. All these challenges are address and incorporated in SAFAL Automation tool.


    10] Multi-Technology support – SAFAL Automation tool has different plug-ins to automate the other technologies application like For API Testing - SOAP WebService, RESTFul Service, For automating legacy application - Mainframe-IBM Rumba, For automating Wiindow based VBA – Excel based application, PuTTY, WPF and Ifragistic etc.  This plug-ins allows to automate end to end test.

  • Desigan Pillay
    By Desigan Pillay  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    really like this idea - traditional automation scripting requires expensive technical resources - finding resources that have both the technical knowledge and business knowledge required to create automate scripts/tests that actually add value and find bugs is extremely dificult. By eliminating the scripting/technicality around script creation we can get the actual business users and functional testers of the application who understand the application best to create automated test cases directly instead of wasting their time documenting manual steps. Now this is innovation. 

    plus plus plus from me ! when do you go to market? 

  • Gyaneshwar
    By Gyaneshwar  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    I have been using SAFAL framework since last 4 years, and found this tool really awesome!!! Either it is web application, WPF application, Database testing or web service testing, this tool is capable of automating any complex requirements. It's very easy to automate the scenarios if you have knowledge of the various keywords.

  • kedar
    By kedar  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    This seems really a Quick, easy and adoptable solution that to it eliminates the large investment of time in making POC for automation framework for number of products. As it is very user friendly specifically when non- techie folks can start adding value add in with it, it will really help all stakeholders of project to explore on it and enable all of them to achieve quality.  By Name its very SAFAL .



    • Bhavika Kala
      By Bhavika Kala  ~  5 years ago
      reply Reply

      SAFAL has proved to be an efficient tool, by handling various complex scenarios. 

  • Ashish Joshi
    By Ashish Joshi  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    Safal is like an Umbrela under it you can automate following using it's hybrid framework (Keyword + Datadriven)

    1) Web Based Application

    2) Database 

    3) WebService

    4) Windows based application (up to certain limit)

    5) Some of the application like Putty, Mainframe, OLE (up to certain limit)  

    One tool for end to end testing.


  • Ankit Jain
    By Ankit Jain  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    SAFAL is good framework for non tecnical background person.

  • Vipul Sharma
    By Vipul Sharma  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    SAFAL is a great framework for Selenium Automation Lovers.

  • Amit Malpure
    By Amit Malpure  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    I have been using this solution for few years for automating web applications and it works very fine.

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    Tarun Lalwani - Case Study - QTP/UFT to Selenium Migration - 80% reduced execution time

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    QTP/UFT has been one of the leading Test Automation tool in the market. QTP supports a wide variety of technologies and with the recent article from Telerik - "5 hidden costs of Selenium". Is it really worth migrating to Selenium? If you think No, then think again. We recently migrated a client from QTP to Selenium, and the results was a 80% savings in execution time using one single machine. This case study will share the challenges we faced initially and how we managed a framework with high re-usability and execution

  • Liked Santhosh Kumar

    Santhosh Kumar - Combining human intelligence with seleium technology - Getting best of both the worlds, crowd/out sourced human testing and selenium technology.

    Santhosh Kumar
    Santhosh Kumar
    schedule 5 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    What if you can get best of both outsourced/crowd sourced and most advanced selenium technology? There has been lots of improvement in the world of testing from rather independent directions. While selenium community has been doing extremely well at improving the automation technology, there are hundreds of thousands of testers doing testing through crowd sourced testing or outsourced testing.

    What if we can seamlessly combine both selenium technology with the crowd sourced testing. While selenium recorders are good at repeating the mundane tasks, they are terrible at ignoring harmless ui changes, crowd sourced testers can compensate the dumbness of recorders, pdiff can indeed detect the changes what even humans can miss. If we combine these three while advancing selenium technology, ui testing can be taken to the next stage.

    If we can advance selenium recorders and make it a handy tool for testers, we can improve the efficiency and decrease the costs to significant extent.

  • Liked Prashant Badgujar

    Prashant Badgujar - Leveraging selenium webdriver for ExtJS web application automation

    30 Mins

    ExtJS is a web development framework used for developing next generation web based UIs. In ExtJs the object Id's are dynamic in nature, the object id's are not static everytime the object is rendered in UI. The challenge is to automate UI functionality when the objects are dynamic. Extjs does not recommend assigning static html-ids to objects for web application development.

    Would like to share our experience how selenium webdriver with java has been leveraged in retrieving those dynamic Id's at run-time and perform operations on those objects. A way for test automation on an web application which is developed using ExtJS framework which generates the dynamic html-ids.

  • Liked Bhushan

    Bhushan - Empower Selenium to automate non-HTML UI components

    30 Mins

    How do you user Selenium to test non-HTML UI components? By integrating Sikuli with Selenium we were able to solve this problem. In this demo, we would like to share our experience in increasing the automation scope to include non-HTML UI components with the help of Sikuli.

    Typically learning new tools to increase automation coverage is a challenge for Selenium users. Especially if those screens or components are not in the scope of Selenium locators (e.g. Non-HTML UI, Native Windows, Desktop Apps, SVG components etc.) Integration with Sikuli makes Selenium automation comprehensive. Sikuli complements Selenium capabilities, and integrates with Selenium seamlessly.

    We have empowered Selenium to identify non-HTML UI by extending Selenium locators (by.xpath, by.CSS) to identify the components with "by.image."

  • Liked Ashish Joshi

    Ashish Joshi - Stuck with Windows Dialog? Do it using Selenium Standalone Server and Java code, (Automation of Windows dialog (File Download, File Upload) )

    20 Mins
    Lightning Talk

    How do you automate windows dialogs using Selenium?

    Following 3 ways are commonly used to deal with Windows Dialogs: (Download, Upload Dialogs) 

    1) Autoit : Need to have autoit framework installed (Additional tool installation require)
    2) Robot Class in java: Not reliable
    3) Java code using HttpRequest (Does not always work, requires href attribute)

    Instead of above options, I found that we can simply use Selenium Server Standalone jar to work with Dialogs using simple java code.

    For any other Advanced and complex scenarios,

    we can use .Net framework to handle the dialogs or any windows based application.I have developed a Code (using .net framework) using which we can do Automation of Windows Components e.g. calulator, Notepad.

  • Liked Ramu

    Ramu / Sreenivasulu K M - Omni-Channel Digital Testing Made Easy Using Selenium & Appium

    45 Mins

    Gone are the days where digital channels were few, predominantly web with one or two browsers. The scenario is different today, not only do we have multiple channels like web and mobile (iOS & Android), we also have different browsers and localization settings. In this scenario, the traditional testing models are rendered inefficient and at times even ineffective.

    Having worked with Global brands and delivered Omni-Channel Digital Testing for them over the years, we have developed a framework that makes this testing efficient and assures effectiveness.
    Valtech’s Digital Testing Framework uses PageObject-Design pattern for more maintainability, localization, environment compatibility (Selenium+Appium APIs), easy execution, user-friendly reporting and integration with CI and seamlessly aligns with Agile Methodology.

    If would like to know more, do attend our demo at the Selenium Conference 2014.


  • Liked Rajnikant Jha

    Rajnikant Jha - Practicality of Running Selenium Scripts on Cloud

    45 Mins

    With increasing number and combinations of configurations to be covered in testing of Web and mobile applications, it is becoming apparently difficult to maintain own farm of machines. Organizations are adopting virtualization and cloud-based technologies to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

    To run tests in parallel requires two things: an infrastructure to distribute the tests and a framework that will run these tests in parallel in the given infrastructure.

    Selenium Grid is one option which transparently distributes our tests across multiple physical or virtual machines. But Selenium Grid has its own limitations. With use of Custom Execution Grid to run test in parallel, we can achieve our goal of effective parallel execution.

    In this talk you will learn from our multiple year experience on how to run Selenium on Cloud. Giving you real examples from our history of serving many customers, we will give the good, bad and the ugly of private our public cloud - use of Selenium grid or creating your own grid