"Swift Automation ride with Omelet, Lets cook some Tests!"

Development & Deployment is changing with Devops - from having long release cycle to agile to continuous delivery.
With introduction to automation of deployment, requirement of automation testing is also drastically changing.
Smaller release -> more automation coverage, continuous integration.
Fast the delivery time -> super fast automation feedback loop, cross browser testing etc .
Either it is TDD with greenfield projects or increasing code coverage for brownfield project, importance of automation testing is well accepted and know.
Selenium Webdriver is now defacto for WebUI automation.
But is it possible to use just bare-bone selenium?
Do we really need to re-invent the wheel?
In this session we will discuss the challenges related to the automation in different projects be it quick feedback, focus on functionality, to integration with CI, scaling test case in no time and off-course effective solution with omelet.


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Outline/structure of the Session

Challenges in Automation
what is Multiparallel testing

How easy to do cross browser testing

Continuous integration with Jenkins and other CI

Google Sheet integration fecilitating collaboration 

Verification failure Vs Script Failure


Learning Outcome

At the end of session audience will be able to understand below concepts:
  • Multiparallel testing
  • Cross browser testing
  • Scaling test case from local infra to Cloud solution in no time
  • Continuous integration with Jenkins 
  • Intuitive automatic step level reports
  • Videos and screen shots 
  • Verification failure Vs Script Failure
  • Data fun with Xmls and Google Sheets
  • Clean automation code

Target Audience

Any one concerned for Quality

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  • Dave Haeffner Test
    By Dave Haeffner Test  ~  3 years ago
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    Is this the library you're referencing? https://github.com/springer-opensource/omelet

    • kapil aggarwal
      By kapil aggarwal  ~  3 years ago
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      Yes it is the same library