World (at least the software part of it) is agalizing itself. Leaders don’t tend to agree with waterfall model any more. Each entity in this agile pod should be able to do any task with in the team. Test automation has always remained in the grey area, should it be developer responsibility, product responsibility or a separate test team by itself. At Bloomberg we have been trying to bring test automation to everyone. Did I hear that it’s not maintainable? We have architected the automation framework such a way that any technical novice with very little effort can pick up scripting and contribute. Obviously I do some post processing to make the script more maintainable.  Now that I have a test case, how can any one who has no set up on their machine drive any test or see any execution statuses. Project management to JIRA it is. We were able to solve this hurdle by building plugins on JIRA to achieve this integration between our source repo/CI server and JIRA itself.

Over this session we will walk over the various stepping stones to achieve this enigma!

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Outline/structure of the Session

  •  Introduction to agile ideology: What is agile and agile cannot solve world food problem. (5 minutes)
  •  Introduction to keyword driven methodology, comparing it with BDD. (10 minutes)
  •  Tools that we used to achieve this goal. ( 20 minutes) Selenium/Robot framework/Selenium builder/JIRA/Git/Jenkins
  •  Q&A (10 minutes)

Learning Outcome

Architecting a system where each entity in a scrum team is able to contribute and check for the status of test automation on a common board: JIRA. Building it such that technical novice can write and execute test script.

Target Audience

Agile team members, Selenium developers, Technical Test Architect

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  • Dave Haeffner Test
    By Dave Haeffner Test  ~  3 years ago
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    Talking specifically about Agile angle won't work well with this audience. I recommend painting a picture of the team structure/development workflows at Bloomberg and how testing fits into it. Then you can jump into the topic of less technical testers, how you solved it, etc.

    • Bejoy
      By Bejoy  ~  3 years ago
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      Definitely we can modulate the presentation as required, to address the larger audience.