The Interviewer, Interviewee and vice-versa

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This small talk is about the intricate fabric of discussion between an interviewer and an interviewee for the post of Automation Engineer.

The audience would be taken through a maze of silly, run of the mill, subjective, bizarre and occasionally brilliant questions/answers/discussions found in an average interview for Automation Engineer/Selenium Engineer. 

We'll try to look at the 4 quadrants of the Selenium Interview circle, covering it from the perspectives of :

  1. The Interviewer
  2. The Interviewee
  3. Current Industry state
  4. How can we improve?

This might seem like a soft, non-technical, not-so-important topic of discussion but we must remember that bad interviews lead to bad candidates lead to bad deliverables. As they say, For want of a nail the battle was lost. 

And in today's cut-throat world none of us can afford losing a good candidate to a bad interview.

Lets gather around a fire of questions, on the beach of answers to surgically comprehend the What, How and Why of Selenium Interviews.


The Candidate



Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Hello, My name is - 2 minutes
  2. Roses are red, violets are blue, let me ask JAVA questions in a Selenium Interview - 5 minutes
  3. Some Medicines for the interviewee and the entire pharmacy for the interviewer - 8 minutes
  4. Leftover Questions/Answers/Experiences - 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

For the Interviewers - What not to ask, how to avoid 'gotcha' questions, decision making and role based approach to Selenium interviews

For the Interviewees  - What to prepare, how to groom their answers, when not to answer and some Selenium interview questions.

Target Audience

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Selenium fraternity who have ever given or taken interviews.

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