Debriefing the Session Notes for Exploratory Testing

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Session notes in Exploratory testing(ET) approach can be used to capture more than bugs. It not only serves as a memory of a bug,  but a structured testing and learning method can be deduced from the session notes.

The workshop comprises of:

  • Introduction to ET and Session based test management (SBTM)
  • Elements of Session Notes
  • Note taking skills, tools and tips
  • Detection theory, Metrics

Many complain about ET being unstructured, session notes is an answer to such misleading beliefs. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction - 10 minutes
  • Elements of the session notes - 40 minutes
  • Case study - 20 minutes
  • Questions and Conclusion - 20 minutes

Learning Outcome

  • Uses of session notes
  • To define context
  • To debunk myths about Exploratory Testing
  • To answer questions about metrics in Exploratory Testing

Target Audience

Testing fraternity - Beginners and advanced exploratory testers.

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  • Anand Bagmar
    By Anand Bagmar  ~  3 years ago
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    Hi Jyothi,

    This sounds very valuable - the only question I have is how does it fit in Selenium Conference? Maybe you could tie the outcomes of your session as an input into what makes sense to be automated?

    • Jyothi
      By Jyothi  ~  3 years ago
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      Hi Anand,

      Thanks for your comment. The idea is to share the value in ET, so the audience get to learn about ET and it's value add to software testing. Many testers even today think that ET is done after testing is completed and if there is time left to perform ET, this workshop is an attempt to debunk such myths. 

      Whether this talk helps a check-automator / script writer perform better testing? Yes, the talk will shed light of performing ET whose value can also seep into scripted way of testing.


      Thank you,


      • Anand Bagmar
        By Anand Bagmar  ~  3 years ago
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        awesome. Thanks Jyoti! Looking forward to learning from your session :)