"How Selenium got Mobility and Agility with FitNesse and Cucumber salad.."

My topic will have demonstration of running Mobile test automation using FitNesse and Cucumber tools. Agility will be driven using test-first approach such as BDD and ATDD with data driven testing.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration


Agenda - What to expect?

Tools don't solve problem, people do

Collaboration is the key

Why Test-first approach

Collaboration on requirements

Gherkin to rescue

Scenario and Test case co-relation

Passing data to Scenario

Scenario Outline

Mobile App automaton using Appium

Cucumber data driven test 

FitNesse data driven test


Learning Outcome

How tools don't solve problem, people do

How to best collaborate

Get better understanding of requirements

How BDD and ATDD can help

How Test-first approach can help

Create data driven framework for Mobile Testing using Appium

How to provide data to Cucumber and FitNesse

Integrating Cucumber and FitNesse frameworks for Appium test suite.

Target Audience

Mobile Testers, Agile Team members (all roles)

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Public Feedback

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  • Dave Haeffner
    By Dave Haeffner  ~  3 years ago
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    Will you be talking about thread safety and parallel execution challenges in Cucumber in Java and Appium?

    • Ashish Mishra
      By Ashish Mishra  ~  3 years ago
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      Hi Dave,

      I don't plan on showing the parallel execution of the mobile tests and focus on the ecosystem of tools Appium, Cucumber and FitNesse and how to effectively manage the test data.