Functional test phases are the last stages of system development. They are therefore strongly constrained by delivery periods. Currently, test phases still correspond to 30% or even to 50% of the total cost of system development and thus represent an important point for possible improvements.

With Agile methodology adopted and sprints becoming shorter, there is another factor which adds to this cost i.e. agility required in test phases - faster response from QA irrespective of manual or automation task is expected.

Overall goal would be to provide true reflection of test optimization guided by the maintenance of the final quality while minimizing the costs. Model Based Testing seems to be an interesting choice, which can help QA become more agile and yet promising to identify all the bugs in the system.

Model-based testing is a software testing technique in which the test cases are derived from a model that describes the functional aspects of the system under test.

Models can be used to represent the desired behavior of a System Under Test (SUT), or to represent testing strategies and the SUT environment

In this talk, we will focus on How Model Based Testing improved our current Process of Test Case Writing and Automation, How Model Based Testing is useful in Agile - in providing quick feedback and decreasing test Case/Automation creation time.

Quick Peek: Our Model Based Testing Tool enables out of box automation capability for API\GUI based system under test, empowering QA to start automation without coding.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Introduce Model Based Testing
  • Insights into traditional Test Case Writing and Automation process
  • Optimizing current process using  Model Based Approach
  • How Model Based Approach aligns with Agile Process
  • Insights of our Model Based Testing Tool
  • Key Difference between our tool and tools already available in Market
  • Live Demonstration
  • MBT Challenges
  • Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • Ways to enable Model Based Approach for In-House Test Frameworks
  • Why you may need to develop an In-House tool for Model Based Testing
  • Problems faced in Test Case Writing and Automation that can be overcome by Model Based Testing
  • How Model Based Approach increases Test Case Coverage and aligns with Agile
  • Challenges you may face in applying Model Based Approach.

Target Audience

Developers, QA, Product Managers, System Architects, Managers

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Public Feedback

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  • Anand Bagmar
    By Anand Bagmar  ~  3 years ago
    reply Reply

    do you have any reference slides / videos to understand more of what you will be covering in the session?

    also, when you speak about you Model Based Testing Tool - is that internal to your organisation (which means cannot be used by anyone interested)?

    • Lakshmana Manipavan K
      By Lakshmana Manipavan K  ~  3 years ago
      reply Reply

      I will try to add slides by mid of next week. Currently tool is internal to my organization, as mentioned in session summary, our idea is to share experience and its benefits we started to see.

      Also, we would present very detailed outline on how interested people can develop for their respective organizations.