In today's day and age, Agile is ubiquitous. Should not the testing tools used, also be?


Selenium doesn't have to be clunky and also doesn't need to have a learning curve that is too steep that only trained developers can use it. ARTTS is a testing tool-suite which makes the life of a tester a breeze. We use this at major clients and this has opened the world of Agile testing to new possibilities.




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Outline/structure of the Session

Presentation that highlights how to:

> Make Selenium scripting as easy as drag and drop

> Remote server (Sauce Labs, etc) testing is simply an on-off switch

> Cross-browser testing is a drop-down choice

> Parameter based, data-driven scripts is child's play

Learning Outcome

The major takeaways from this session will be:

> Making technologies like Selenium more democratic by building tools around using it, so more manual and functional testers can easily embrace automation

> Agile means higher-velocity and marrying functional with automation will achieve that goal

> Getting projects to be Automation-native and not approaching automation as a separate objective, but be part of everyday testing

Target Audience

Functional testers who want to add Selenium to their arsenal without the steep learning curve

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