A scalable solution to test localized application using page objects

This session aims to explain about how Page Objects methodology was extended to create a scalable solution for Testing localized application.

To build and manage locators in a way that you can make one change in one location, and suddenly all your test cases change with it.

Structuring a YAML file to store locators of a Page

How Java file gets generated (In a Smart way!) for each page using Code Generator.







Outline/Structure of the Talk

The Session will have following Structure:


1. Existing problems faced by test engineers when it comes to Localized Testing.

2. Locators Introduction

3. Seperating Locators from the Test Code and Naming each Locators.

4. Structuring Locators using Page Object Methodology.

5. Page Object Code Generator.

6. Learnings we had.


Learning Outcome

The attendees get information about ways to address Localization testing for large scale application.

Target Audience

Test Engineers

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