Avoiding pitfalls in UI test automation

As QA Automation Engineers, we are tasked with automating as much as of the testing as we can. With UI automation a fine balance needs to be maintained between how much we automate and how much automation can we sustain the tests with low effort over a long period of time. If we automate a lot of UI test scenarios  we end up trying to maintain them when developers or Product owners change a minor aspect of it.

  So who determines this balance- this needs to be an ongoing dialog between the developers and QA and other stakeholders too. Also, we need to consider the tools and methodologies for Automation. There are so many tools out there that are a wrapper on Selenium. So which do we choose to best help us. Are there any do's and dont's when we are writing these automated tests. This type of scenarios and discussion are difficult to find on forums or websites. It would have helped my team a lot if someone who has walked down this path could have provided some pointers.

 So I would like this opportunity to share the automation wisdom I have gained during my work as an Automation Engineer.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Why automation? (5min)
  • Create background on the product you want to add UI automation for. (5min)
  • What to automate? (10min)
    • End to end tests
  • How to automate? (10 min)
    • Best practices
  • How to avoid pitfalls during automation? (10)
  • Summary 
  • Q & A (5min)

Learning Outcome

Audience will have a better grasp on what to automate.

They will get some pointers on tools that could be used with Selenium to get started.

They will also be aware of some action items that they should surely avoid.

Target Audience

QA Engineers: People who have started working on UI Automation or just looking to dip their toes in it.

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