Simplifying Data Driven Framework using Selenium Web driver and Maven POM

Objective: To address the challenge for effectively utilizing the Data Driven TestNG Framework without knowing programming language details

Abstract: Often, we come across challenge of understanding and utilizing the framework already been developed by another team in a project as it may include various methods/functions, classes that are utilized by different objects which may be inherited in nature. The goal of this presentation is to try addressing this challenge that helps in simplifying the customized data driven framework so that it is easier to understand and utilize by another team or person who may not have detailed programming language knowledge, for example Business Analyst or Testing Team.

Model/Prototype: In Progress

Easier to Understand
Not required to know programming language details
Effective to Utilize and Reuse for creating various test cases
Easier Maintenance
Flexibility to scale according to customized needs

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Outline/structure of the Session

Challenges in utilizing existing model/prototype
Programming Paradigm
Our Approach for Simplifying Data driven Framework

Learning Outcome

Utilizing simplified Data driven Framework
Scalability across the application

Target Audience

Test Analyst/Engineer, Test/Automation Leads, Test/Automation Manager

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