Automation for Localization & REST API Integration in UI Automation

Localization Automation:

Localization and internationalization are becoming part of the web applications. If you want your webApplication to appeal to users around the globe, localization is the first and foremost factor.  Localization is one of the curtail requirement for fast growing business applications.  We being web based video conferencing solution Development Company, localization is one of the mandatory requirement for our cloud solution.

Being in Agile world, practically it’s very complex to test localization manually in each sprint and it’s not worth spending much time on localization. Language expertise is another issue for testing localization. Identification of missing localized string another complex problem to solve. Then what is the solution… its Automating Localization framework.

Rest API Integration in UI Automation:

In current technology era, REST OR SOAP APIs are the backbone for most of the web applications, we can use these API’s to set the precondition instead navigating every step through UI. Using REST API’s will reduce the Execution time and we can concentrate more on the actual test case than setting the pre-condition.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Explaining about Localization and Internationalization WRT to Web APP
  2. Importance of Localization Testing
  3. Difficulties in Localization testing
  4. Configuration Required on Browser Side & Eclipse
  5. OUR approach to the Localization Automation
  6. Coverage on Localization settings
  7. Few Statistics
  8. Framework Best Practices – Rest API Integration in UI Automation

Learning Outcome

  1. Localization UI Automation Using Selenium Web driver
  2. Rest API Integration in UI Automation

Target Audience

Test Automation Engineers, QA Managers

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