Anyone Can Cook -- Is the Same True for Test Automation?

Manual testing is becoming less needed as more companies realize the time and money saved from automating testing. But let’s face it: Test automation is scary and still new to many QA departments. Many are unclear about where to begin: Do you need a degree or significant development training to write automated tests? What are the programming basics and required tools that a tester needs to know?


Leo Laskin illustrates data sets of untrained Selenium and non-technical users and the time it took them to learn Selenium. Hear about the programming basics needed to be successful in QA automation and how easy it is to pick them up, the best development tool kits for Selenium and IDE programs, as well as a preview of more advanced QA topics, including CI/CD and virtualization of test environments.


Learn the challenges moving from manual to automated testing, best programming techniques and development tools needed to excel in test automation, and how any engineer can cook up their own automated tests using Selenium.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1.         Last few years review where I was, things I have seen.  
  2.     Manual testing is becoming less needed as more people realize they can save time and money by automating
  3.         Automation is scary
  4.          Do you need a degree to start writing tests?
  5.         Do you need significant bootcamp/development training to start writing tests?
  6.         Data set of “untrained selenium users and how long it took them to learn selenium”
  7.         Data of non-technical users and how long it took them to learn selenium
  8.     Data of how long each step took to run
  9.          Pick a language
  10.         Variables
  11.          Methods
  12.         Looping strategies
  13.          Basic HTML
  14.            How to use the developer tool kit
  15.      Basic and advanced selenium knowledge
  16.      Assertion options/tools
  17.      Basic Sample tests and time to develop each of them
  18.       Conclusion

Learning Outcome

Show that automation does not require a major degree or significant amounts of learning to get started

Target Audience

Manual testers, team managers, Beginner automated testers

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  • Naresh Jain
    By Naresh Jain  ~  2 years ago
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    Thanks Leo. Do you have slides or videos for this presentation (or any other presentation from the past?) Please update the proposal with the same.

    • Leo Laskin
      By Leo Laskin  ~  2 years ago
      reply Reply

      Hey Naresh,

      I'm in process of developing these slides actually.  I don't have any to add to the current presentation.  Also, I wish I could have set this but I was really hoping for an hour for this presentation(only options were 45 or 90min)

      • Naresh Jain
        By Naresh Jain  ~  2 years ago
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        Slides/Video from any past presentation would also help.
        Regarding the time: We prefer 20 or 45 mins for talks and 90 mins for tutorials/workshops. 60 mins throws our scheduled out of whack.