This workshop will provide concepts and best practices about designing and developing test automation projects, using my test framework, called Planotius. This framework uses Selenium, Junit and Java as its core and make the code creation easier even for testers without coding skills.

Furthermore, the abstraction of selenium configurations, setups and features will provide a faster deployment of your test project, allowing the agile team to accomplish their sprints successfully and with quality.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  1. Introducing basic concepts:
    1. Challenges and difficulties creating a automation project
    2. Page Objects
    3. Layers of responsibilities
  2. Creating a simple project that automate a web page - with few configurations - code running examples.
  3. Reusing code, page objects and whatever you want - Making it simple and useful
  4. Automation wants to live by their own - Letting it live with continuous integration.

Learning Outcome

Is expected that attendees can, after the workshop, be able to:

  1. Design the architecture of a automation project
  2. Understand the design of the web page features and create their own page objects.
  3. Create simple code that automates web pages
  4. Integrate the project to a CI tool.

Target Audience

Testers, test engineers, test automation beginners

Prerequisites for Attendees

  1. Bring your own laptop
  2. Basic Java knowledge
  3. Maven or similar tool

Days after the event, I will provide the setup and configuration of the laptop to attend the workshop.

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  • Andrew Krug
    Andrew Krug
    Lazy Coder
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    480 Mins

    Want to get into WebDriver, but don’t know where to start? Already using WebDriver and want to get more out of your framework? This practical, hands-on, course is designed to help automation engineers with all levels of experience. All attendees will leave with working WebDriver code on their machines and a long list of techniques on how they can successfully use the WebDriver API in their own companies.

  • Syam Sasi

    Syam Sasi / Jerry Zhao - How to build a device lab in your office in 48 hours!

    45 Mins

    Continuous testing is an integral part of continuous delivery pipeline. When it comes to mobile application, the testing become increasingly complex.

    As part of our internal quarter hackathon at Carousell, we developed an automation testing framework and device lab in 48 hours which has both parallel and distributed mode of running.

    We will share about how you can set up a similar device lab in your organization and the best practices to be followed.

  • Kushan Amarasiri

    Kushan Amarasiri - Creating an awesome end to end test automation framework with for modern AngularJS applications

    45 Mins

    During this session I will demonstrate how we can create an end to end test automation framework to test modern AngularJS applications. The framework will be using as the automation tool. It also promotes re-usability via Page Object Model. It will be a configurable and data driven framework which will use Excel and JSON files. The framework will be based on Behavior Driven Development and also will generate in depth and informative test execution reports which will be idea for test team and management to know the health of the application being tested. As an extra option this test automation framework will be plugged in with web services and micro services testing capability which will make it one of a kind test automation framework that will be of primary need in the test automation industry.