Building Test Automation Framework on AWS

To take popular open source tools like Selenium, JMeter and Rest Assured/Soap UI and build them into an automation framework built at the system level. Implementing these open source tools in Amazons AWS cloud infrastructure with Jenkins controlling the operation, I will show you how to build the automation framework from the ground up.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Overview about the outline:

  • The Automation Framework
    • a Big picture about the Architecture
  • The Open Source Tool Set
    • Amazon Web Services: the platform we’ll use for building out our windows and unix test automation environment.
    • Jenkins: the continuous integration tool we’ll use to build the application under test and trigger all our automated test actions.
    • Selenium: the test automation tool we’ll use to run our GUI browser based automation tests.
    • Rest Assured/SoapUI : the test automation tool we’ll use to run our API based automation tests.
    • Git: the source code tool we’ll be managing and retrieving the source for our application from.
    • JMeter: the load test tool we’ll use to asses the performance of the application under test.
  • Amazon AWS
  • Full system demo

Learning Outcome

Taking the capabilities of popular open source test tools and build an automation framework utilizing concepts based around proven Continuous Integration principals.

Target Audience

SDETs, Solution Architects , Quality Engineers , Automation Engineers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees need to be familiar with some very basic network concepts (like IP addresses, hostnames, etc). Some familiarity around the concepts of GUI based automation, APIs and performance testing would be helpful.

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