AngularJS Automation : Is Protractor replacing Selenium?

In this presentation, you will learn what exactly AngularJS applications are and what kind of challenges occurs while writing automated tests for them.

Interesting point of the presentation would be to understand the comparison of Selenium webDriver and Protractor test API. You and me together will try to answer "Is Protractor really replacing Selenium?"

You and me will do some interactive exercises as well. I will show you some coding demo and the basic set up of Protractor Test API, a wrapper on top of Selenium WebDriver.

By the end of the session, you will be able to write end to end tests for AngularJS application using Protractor, Jasmine framework and Page Object Model design pattern.


Rishish Kumar Singh


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

I am happy and excited to share the outline of my presentation.

Here is the structure/outline.

1. Introducing myself and introduction to AngularJS applications and their automation challenges using Selenium WebDriver.

10 mins

2. Is Protractor really replacing Selenium? I will do comparison of Selenium WebDriver and Protractor API in details and you and me will try to find its answer together.

10 mins

3. I will then talk about different element locators present in Selenium and the element locators present in Protractor.

5 mins

4. I will speak about Automation frameworks available for AngularJS Automation. I will discuss Jasmine framework in detail and how to integrate it with automation tests.

10 mins

5. Quick demo of the automation code

5 mins

6. Summary / Conclusion of the presentation and Questions , Answers from the audience/participants.

5 mins

Learning Outcome

You will learn following items after attending the session.

1. You will have a new approach on how to automate angularjs applications from scratch.

2. You will see the different element locators available in Selenium WebDriver and Protractor API, a wrapper on top of Selenium.

3. You will also see the various challenges in AngularJs automation and you will learn how to tackle them.

4. You will learn about Jasmine framework in detail and its integration with automation tests.

And many more stuffs related to automation testing, automation framework design and pattern etc.

Target Audience

Test automation and QA professionals, developers, software development managers, and test managers.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Well, participants should have a basic knowledge of Software Testing.

In the session, if participants have basic knowledge of Software Testing, then in the session they will learn about automated testing and how to write automated tests, various automation framework design and techniques.

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