In 10 years, AI will threaten 50% of all jobs, including those of testers. Yet, no one seems to know how to apply AI to testing. This is the reason, why some even go as far as to say: "AI in Testing a hype". I will show you why it is difficult to apply AI to testing and why so many struggle. I will also show you how to circumvent these problems and really use AI to create test automation automatically. But I will also show you the limitations of the approach, and what you can do as a tester to keep your job a little longer in the rise of AI-maybe even longer than developers.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Why is AI in testing difficult? (Oracle Problem)
- What is the goal of test automation?
- Is current test automation even good at the job?
- How can the goal of test automation be achieved in a better way (yet without AI)?
- How can we use AI to achieve this (simple)?
- How can we improve AI to get better?
- How can we further improve AI?
- Should you be afraid of AI to take your job?
- What can you take home and use directly?
- Question and Answers

Learning Outcome

You should come to this talk if you 1) are interested in the future of testing and how AI can help us create better software, 2) see in detail what AI can give you and where it helps you and 3) what you as a tester can do to secure your job.

Target Audience

Testers, Developers, Managers

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