Maven-Jenkins-GitHub :: Three together solved QA's Nightmare

Nowadays, we are running builds against every commit, but when someone opens a pull request, they don’t get automated builds or feedbacks. If the PR submitter even knows about Jenkins and has network access and a login, they can look at it to find out how the tests went, but most people aren’t going to have that visibility (especially if your Jenkins server is private). We need to make sure Jenkins is aware of the pull request and that it updates the PR with the status.

Our end goal is for each PR to start a Jenkins build and update the PR with a successful check when done.

This actually solved the problem if someone will get to know what things have failed so the developer can eventually solve the bug and could fix the bug on his/her end. This helps to achieve the product less buggy and the chances to revert a feature would be very minimal.

Worry about the triggering of the job on every push?

- Don't worry skip it in the shell script. (Amazing)

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Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

- Introduction.

- what is Maven, Jenkins and GitHub and uses of them?

- How to create Job on Jenkins?

- How to configure Maven build on Jenkins?

- How to raise PR against any other branch on GitHub?

- Write Shell script to avoid triggering of Job by minimal change in CSS.

- Job running on Jenkins and publishing the checks on GitHub.

- How it solved QA nightmare?

- Hands-on Experience.

- Questions and talk.

Learning Outcome

- Attendees will get fruitful knowledge about Jenkins, GitHub.

- Attendees will easily configure Jenkins Job.

- Enabling of Email and Slack notification.

- Some basics about shell scripting

- Build confidence in Attendees for Jenkins CI how to install plugins how to configure it how to do polling from GitHub.

- Skipping to trigger a Jenkins Job with Minimal CSS change.

Target Audience

Automation Engineer and People who have knowledge of CI and version control.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Must have-

- Knowledge of Selenium.

- Basics for Github and CI.

- The individual should have a system with Jenkins CI installed as it will be a Hands-on session.

Good to have-

- Maven.

- How to create PR on Github.

- Configuring Jenkins Job.

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