Enhancing tests with smart reports and useful visualisation

Tests reports and understanding execution trends of Selenium tests sometimes is a big challenge.

Better reports allow faster analysis of failures, but different collected statistics are giving insides of overall stability, trends and possible bottlenecks of your tests.

Almost all testing execution frameworks in all major programming languages lack report system which is easily customisable for each specific use case, but collection and visualisation of tests statistics is even in worse state.

But thanks to open source community and companies behind these open source projects we have a solution for that - we can develop test reports which are easy to understand, customise and create, but visualisation of statistics becomes a very pleasant task which provides countless opportunities for future improvements of your tests.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Introduction (speaker and company where I work)
- Examples of test reports of existing test execution frameworks like JUnit 5 and TestNG

- Importance of good reports

- Introduction to Allure

- Why tests statistics and trends are important

- Introduction to Grafana

- Many examples of tests statistics visualisation

Learning Outcome

Talk attendees will learn and see:

  • Current state of tests reports and why good reports are important
  • Allure test report framework which can be added to almost any existing test execution framework
  • Grafana data visualisation tool
  • Many real life use-cases of test execution statistics collection and analysis

Target Audience

Engineers working with tests

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should have used test execution framework (JUnit, PyTest, Cucumber or any other). Basic coding and SQL knowledge is appreciated.

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