Testing Multi Flavoured Mobile Apps on Cloud using Espresso

Automating mobile applications tests is a hard task on itself. Testing an app that has multiple flavours with slightly different menus, layouts and UX is exponentially more challenging.

I'd like to present the approach I took at my current position to solve this problem. I will present the Android apps testing infrastructure that is being triggered by Jenkins and being run on a cloud provider

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Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

1. Company's applications and their challenges

2. Possible solutions

3. What was selected and why

4. Implementation process

5. Conclusions and advices

Learning Outcome

The attendees will (hopefully) learn lessons from my experiences developing a multi flavoured application testing.

The attendees will learn about Espresso, Google's new exciting framework for mobile apps testing.

The attendees will learn about preparing and triggering tests from Jenkins app.

Target Audience

Mobile Automation developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

A bit of Java and Jenkins

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