This is a session which will demonstrate how end to end test automation can be achieved through a fantastic Selenium NodeJS based test automation tool called Test Cafe. Test Cafe is an awesome test automation tool which is hassle free compared to other tools like Protractor and Nighwatch. This demonstration will enlighten the audience on how real world system behavior modeled with Test Cafe and BDD hand in hand...


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Test Automation in Java Scripting (5 Mins)
  • Java Scripting Test Automation Tools ( 5 Mins)
  • Test Automation with Test Cafe (15 Mins)
  • BDD integration Test Cafe with CucumberJS (15 Mins)
  • Q & A (5 Mins)

Learning Outcome

  • This demonstration will help the audience to know about Test Cafe tool compared to other test automation tools and how BDD integration can be done.

Target Audience

Test automation beginners, Test Automation Professionals, Test Automation Architects.

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Node JS
  • Other Node JS test automation tools like Protractor and NightWatch
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    Kushan Amarasiri - Unleash the Power of Selenide ~ Developing an End to End Automation Framework with Selenide

    480 Mins

    Selenide is a wrapper automation tool which uses Selenium WebDriver. It has many advantages compared to traditional WebDriver. Selenide supports AngularJS web solutions and it has also helped to reduce the most of the commands that we use for Traditional Selenium Automation tool. Selenide has been used widely in the industry and its free and open source test automation tools used widely among test automation professionals. In this workshop session I would be disseminating my knowledge to the audience about the Selenide Tool, Integrating Behavior Driven Development, Integrating Interactive Reporting Dashboard, Integrating Configurability and Promoting Reusability via Page Object Model. This session would be a highly interactive session where the audience will be given hands on practice on how to create a test automation framework using Selenide. This workshop will be done by Taking a practical and realistic test automation scenario.

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    Kushan Amarasiri - Creating an awesome end to end test automation framework with for modern AngularJS applications

    45 Mins

    During this session I will demonstrate how we can create an end to end test automation framework to test modern AngularJS applications. The framework will be using as the automation tool. It also promotes re-usability via Page Object Model. It will be a configurable and data driven framework which will use Excel and JSON files. The framework will be based on Behavior Driven Development and also will generate in depth and informative test execution reports which will be idea for test team and management to know the health of the application being tested. As an extra option this test automation framework will be plugged in with web services and micro services testing capability which will make it one of a kind test automation framework that will be of primary need in the test automation industry.