Testers write bad code : Myth or reality?

Well, in this presentation, I would like to talk about importance of automation code quality.

In this session, you will learn tips and tricks to write proper test code and how to organize your tests.

You will also get to know the common mistakes done by testers/QA when they start writing automated test scripts. How to avoid these common mistakes and learn the best practices to write proper automated tests with great code quality.

In the session, I will show you some code demo as well. Therefore, you will learn to improve your coding style by practical demonstration.

At the end, you and me both will try to answer "Testers write bad code ? "


Rishish Kumar Singh


Outline/Structure of the Talk

I am happy and excited to share the outline/structure of my session.

Here is the outline:

1. Introducing myself and a brief discussion about the the automation code quality.

5 mins

2. I will discuss common mistakes done by testers when they write automation tests code.

5 mins

3. How poor code quality affects the whole automation project and can lead to project shutdown?

5 mins

4. Best practices to write automation tests with great code quality.

In this , I will show you some code demo as well. You will learn how to write and organize your automation code for better results.

5 mins

Learning Outcome

After attending the session, you will learn the following:

1. How to avoid common mistakes when writing automated tests.

2. How to improve automation code quality.

3. Best Practices for writing clean and efficient automation code.

Target Audience

Test automation and QA professionals, developers, software development managers, and test managers.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Well, it would be great if participant has basic knowledge of software testing.

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