@trob: test everything. How we use Selenium @FastMail.com

Chris will give a 20 minute talk on how we test at FastMail.

After travelling from Melbourne, Australia to the 2017 conference in Berlin, Chris was disappointed to see nobody else is writing tests Selenium tests in Perl. He’ll deliver a presentation on how we do things at FastMail. Our test framework isn’t perfect, but it does what we need it to do. It allows us to quickly test our changes and monitor our production system in a cost efficient manner.

Over the last 4 years Chris has been busy building up the test framework using mostly free and open source software, he’ll give an overview of what he uses, what works for us and what we would change/do differently if starting again.

He’ll cover FastMail.com and Topicbox, our latest service and explain how we balance security, speed and cost.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Introduction (Speaker and where I work)

Business problems (FastMail & Topicbox)

Developer owned company. Focus on development, not testing.

The need to quickly release fixes and features.

Product written in Perl, Test framework written in Perl

Unmaintained test framework, no hardware to run it on.

No production monitoring

Security and client side certificate

Learning Outcome

-How we designed and setup the FastMail test network

-What software and tools we use

-How we scale our test framework

-Our use of Jenkins and Selenium Perl bindings.

-How we configured Jenkins and Docker

-Lessons learnt over the last four years as the company has grown from 8 people to over 30

-Why Saucelabs didn’t work for us

Target Audience

QA Automation engineers

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic understanding of testing

A basic understanding of automation

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