In today's Agile environment everyone is focused on continuous and faster delivery. Everyone's expectation is "click of button should do the magic". To keep the momentum going, tester finds this "magic wand" called Automation. However, how to approach automation testing when joining a team in between of sprint, application is already running in production, existing framework built doesn't serve the purpose as it's not scalable and maintenance requires more efforts than building a new framework.Automation testing should cover Functional, Regression and Performance and End to End. For commercial web applications , testing on different platforms, browsers and devices becomes a key.

I will take you through my journey, how automation framework was built from scratch for Web testing using Selenium and Rest Assured API's were used for Rest API Testing. Framework was designed to consider features like non-technical person i.e. should be able to run the test, Parallel run allowed, Facility to run selective tests/features/suite, Run test via CI/CD pipeline, can run tests on different browsers and test reporting.

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Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1. Introduction

2. What brings me to this conference

3. Case Study - (via Presentation)

4. QA session

Learning Outcome

Thought process to consider before automation.

What factors influence Automation Testing

Ideas about Selenium and Rest Assured API

Framework building approach

Target Audience

Anyone interested in Automation Testing in Agile environment

Prerequisites for Attendees

Notebook and Pen in case anyone interested in taking notes

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