The Road Less Travelled - Lessons Learned Developing Tests

Selenium has been here for a long time and more and more teams are embracing Selenium realizing the importance of automated tests, especially in the age of continuous delivery. But Selenium is not a silver bullet either. In this talk, I will present some of the lessons I learned over the years, working on several projects.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

I will talk about the following topics (challenges/ potential traps) and

  • The journey from no tests to too many tests
  • No abstractions on top of Web Driver API
  • Teams reinventing the test framework
  • Treating test code as second class & lack of refactoring
  • Lack of domain abstraction in UI
  • Lack of observing pain by developers
  • Leaky abstractions in test frameworks
  • Constraints on adopting technology (language/ library)

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the choices teams can make in various situations relating to test automation and their consequences
  • Understand forces that make maintaining tests hard and ways of balancing them
  • If you use Java stack, you will get a high-level understanding of how you can use an open source library Geb to set up your stack for testing. Otherwise, you will still get an idea of the abstraction involved and its benefits.

Target Audience

Developers involved in writing tests and people who own such teams

schedule Submitted 2 years ago