Is quality really everyone's responsibility - The Quality Accountability conundrum

"Quality is everyone's responsibility" has to be one of those phrases which looks great on t-shirts and posters but when put into action, often fails.
There is a funny leadership story which goes like this " There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it"
Therefore assuming that everyone in your team (developers, designers, QEs or analysts) would be instinctively inclined to incorporating quality in their day to day work is a terrible assumption to make.
Quality is everyone's responsibility might be true but it cannot work in isolation, it has to be supplemented with an accountability framework.
In this talk, I am going to present exactly that framework and help people especially leaders - technical and people, implement proactive quality processes in their teams.
The information presented in this talk does not require audience to have any technical knowledge and applies to all the roles.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

How we as a team make wrong assumptions in terms of quality and who is responsible for it.

Establishing a framework for quality gatekeeping vs accountability

Q and A

Learning Outcome

A major takeaway for the audience would be learning about their role in the quality accountability framework.

Target Audience

Developers, QEs, Project Mangers and in fact everyone who is a part of software development process.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of what Software development process is.

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  • Pallavi ...
    By Pallavi ...  ~  6 months ago
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    Hello Deepak

    That's an intriguing concept, accountability framework. I have a few questions -

    a. Would this framework have a concrete existence, which the teams would be enable to implement on their own after learning from you. 

    b. do you have any case study to show the cost/quality improvement with this framework into practice?

    c. incase they were in the youtube videos, i am sorry i was unable to continue listening to them as it had a lot of background noise, can you share links to a better video or slides maybe.


    • Deepak Koul
      By Deepak Koul  ~  5 months ago
      reply Reply

      Hello Pallavi,

      a. Yes, this framework is loosely based on the Bain and Co.'s "RAPID" decision model. You can read about it here [1]. While RAPID is for organization wide decision accountability, mine is totally adapted to software development. It specifies roles for developers, testers and product owners so that each stage in development has clear quality goals and their owners. Therefore the existence is concrete and teams can implement it if they want to.

      b. Since it is totally a new concept, I do not have any case study or data which points us to it's success. I am however eager to collect it. Right now, let's say this talk will just enable discussions on this topic.

      c. Those youtube videos were what organizers had captured. I am presenting this talk on Feb 9, in QA Symposium 2020 [2]  but I am not sure whether it will be videotaped. Apologies for not being able to help here.







      • Pallavi ...
        By Pallavi ...  ~  5 months ago
        reply Reply

        Thanks for replying Deepak. 

  • Marcus Merrell
    By Marcus Merrell  ~  5 months ago
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    Hello Deepak. Could you respond to Pallavi's questions? We are reviewing submissions very soon and would like to entertain such an intriguing premise. I think we need more concrete outcomes for the audience as well as some data around the success you've had in implementing this in previous organizations.

    • Deepak Koul
      By Deepak Koul  ~  5 months ago
      reply Reply

      Sorry Marcus, the earlier notification might have gotten buried in my inbox. I have replied to Pallavi now.

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