We have been using selenium record replay , rc , 1.0 , 2.0 and now 3.0

we have evolved with complex applications and systems

we have learnt ways to auto discover ui elements , location attributes but the last mile connectivity still remains a challenge

No matter what automation suites we have developed , with ever increasing inputs and combinations a manual tester is required to configure the test cases , data provider excel and has to spend time to make the automation suite running

we are in the era of self driven cars ans why not make automation self driven by understanding the pattern of manual tester by understanding his pattern of testing

This seems to combine the good old record replay but with deep dive intelligence and providing user the flexibility to change the user input once the skeleton is ready than wasting his time to prepare the user input

Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Description of the problem

Every automation teams provide sophisticated automation suite to Developers and ManualQa tester. Main challenge is that to provide enablers for the teams as they have their primary task of Developing and Testing

They cant be handed over a clumsy user input configuration and trial and error methods to make it up and running

    • Self learning the user inputs

For example our company application has at basic level to input ip address of our application server and select device ip address. Each user has a different input and currently we provide it as data provider and test ng xml. We also have multiple buttons , radio buttons and select boxes

there have been ways to identify these location attributes and now prepare an auto generated user input data provider which the user can customize if and only if required for extending his test cases

At the highest level a manual tester can deploy the tool perform all his manual testing at once and the automation suite should be able to capture all his inputs , prepare a combination of it which doesnt require additional effort from Dev or Manual QA

    • Required installation of Java and Basic understanding of machine learning
  • Audience

Dev and Manual QA

  • Summary

Metros take along 1000s of passengers and to reach the last mile , its still a challenge with bicycles , e bikes etc


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Description of the problem

current system of user input

Benefits of using the new system

Learning Outcome

Develop automation suites which are easier to use and can enhance the penetration levels to various stake holders

Target Audience

Dev and Manual QA

Prerequisites for Attendees

Development engineers

Manual QA

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