Automation Intelligence - Better/ Faster Debugging of Results

As we all know there are variety of tools to perform UI Automation and selenium being the pioneer

if we revisit the workflow, converting automation failures to defects is a major challenge and depends on the data being exported as data differences need not be actual failures

How do we save manual user time debugging and classifying the differences as defects



Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Description of the problem

Every automation teams provide multiple automation suites and churn out several gigabytes of data in an enterprise application. With such gallons of data how do we process it and help a regression tester if something is broken with a huge variety of data ? How do we narrow down to the problem

    • Automation Intelligence

Automation Intelligence is a 2 pronged approach which combines best of data processing and drilldown to exact difference

    • Required installation of Java
  • Audience

Dev and Manual QA

  • Summary

Solving the problem of debugging is tip of the iceberg, but Automation intelligence while doing solves lot of other structural problems and connect various stake holders providing lot of visibility from start to end of the workflow

Learning Outcome

Better Results of automation suite and increased defect discovery / reduced false failures

Target Audience

Manual QA / Automation Engineers

Prerequisites for Attendees


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