Scale Infrastructure using Infra structure as code and drive CI and deployments for multiple microservices through database

When does testing comes into picture ?

Mostly It does when CI's for a project are green and deployments are completed for that project. This sounds simple when you have couple of projects , what about having 40 micro services and most of them are interdependent on each other which makes the need for deploying all projects to start manual / automation testing.

Imagine the time and efforts required to setup infra as per the project need and then deploy all 40 microservices to specific servers.

How easy is to scale up and scale down depending on the need.

If a CI of a project has 3 child jobs (i.e junit , sonar and nexus) How can we eliminate the need to re run all child jobs when one child job failed with infra/know issue.

How can we control/skip the deployments when there is no change in a project with information we have in database.

How can we uniquely identify a point where things are stable using a new concept called Global Tags.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1. Introduction to the key concepts (CI, Infra , Deployments )

2. Highlighting problem statement and emphasis on the solution

3. Demonstration / Video presentation

Learning Outcome

1. Learn other side of the testing coin (i.e Deployments)

2. Simple and efficient way to handle deployments multiple micro services

3. To look at things from a different perspective

Target Audience

Anyone who want to learn something new , good to know for Devops and QA resources

Prerequisites for Attendees

This session requires basic knowledge of

1. CI ( Continuous integration)

2. Aws or any other cloud

3. psql

4. Deployment process

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