Cypress is JavaScript-based end-to-end testing framework and doesn’t use selenium at all. It is very easy to set up, write and debug tests using cypress. It has the advantage of automatic wait, screenshots at each step of the test and provides easy debugging.

In this session, we would be covering the what, how and why of cypress. Steps to get started with it and a demo of writing an automation test using Cypress.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

The presentation will be talk and a demo of writing small tests with Cypress as examples.

The presentation will include what, how and why of cypress. Advantages of using Cypress, and new features that a QA would like to have in Cypress. A demo of writing a test using Cypress.

Time-wise breakup of the presentation:

00 -10 mins - Introduction to what cypress is, what it does, how does it work and how does it differ or is better than Selenium/Protractor/Other tools.

10 - 25 mins- Its advantages: open-source, easy, reliable faster, snapshots at test run, easy debugging, handles async systems without writing explicit waits, addresses existing pain of test flakiness, test edge cases by mocking server response, ability to see a video of entire test execution etc.

25 - 40 mins - Demo of installing and writing tests from scratch. Also, demo of the few of above advantages.

Learning Outcome

  • Getting started with Cypress in a short time
  • The advantages of using Cypress. How it addresses existing pain points of flakiness of tests etc.
  • A demo of writing test with Cypress

Target Audience

Quality Analysts, Developers

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